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Instructions for Drug rehabilitation by cedemex medicine

I. Legal base:

      - Cedemex is accepted by the Council of State Science on 2nd August 2003, they have concluded as follows:"Cedemex stabilizes a lot of symptoms of rehabilitation syndrome, especially with 2 symptoms: hunger of drug and paraesthesiae which fail to happen when rehabilitating by Cedemex which is safe and innoxious for use"

- From 2004 - 2007, according to science cooperation under the Protocol of term V between Vietnam and China so as to research: "Effect mechanism of Cedemex in drug rehabilitation", China scientists and Council of State Science made acceptance and affirmed as follows:

- Cedemex is safe, not habit-forming and it is likely to excite low part of brain and hyprophysis to recover  b endorphin  through experimental research so as to reject reasons of addiction namely desire of drug and to stabilize Dopamin, conduction substance of nerve's intermediate position. Therefore, paraesthesiae symptom has been stabilized.

- Cedemex has resistance of spirit dependence, rejects reasons of psychological addiction through experiment by conditional hobby position method (Research result has been published on practice medicine newspapers of Vietnam Ministry of Health No.7/2005 Page 31 and China behavior medicine newspapers) which contributes to well prevent from re- addiction

- Cedemex has been applied at Drug rehabilitation center in Vietnam since 2004. Ministry of Health has made decision No. 2406/QD - BYT dated 2nd July 2008 on permitting Cedemex to be applied at Vietnam family and community.

II. Conditions for voluntary rehabilitation at center or community

1. Patients must have aspiration or determination for rehabilitation.

2. Family must commit and have enough conditions on management of drug addict at family at least 06 months so that addict is able to have resistance of spirit dependence.

3. During period of rehabilitation in the first 4 days, it is necessary to appear private room so as to manage and assist treatment of patients, mobile telephone and fixed phone must be cut so as to avoid contact between addicted patients and outside people, to reject addictive patients' drug substances

4. Addicted patients who is working or studying must apply for leave with 06 months so as to ensure treatment result.

5. Addicts who participated in treatment for cutting addicted crisis at the center or rehabilitated at home must be treated in 04 days so as to recover endorphin then he or she is permitted to regularly use dose.

6. In first 07 days of rehabilitation, addicted patients are not permitted to use beer, alcohol because they still crave for drug. Therefore, they are easily excited and they fail to inhibit desire of drug use.

Notes: The above are compulsory conditions, the patients have to comply with it, if the patient fails to implement one of the above conditions, the success level will be very little.


III. Instructions for using Cedemex to detoxify drugs

1. Attack treatment (help to prevent addiction fit and treat the reason of craving for drugs).

Period is 4 days:

First day, taking 30 tablets Cedemex with dividing into 5-6 times, far away from meal.

Second day, taking 40 tablets Cedemex with dividing into 8-10 times, far away from meal.

Third day, taking 30 tablets Cedemex with dividing into 5-6 times, far away from meal.

Fourth day, taking 20 tablets Cedemex with dividing into 4-5 times, far away from meal.

Notes: Cedemex medicine is taken far away from meal (before or after meal about 1 hour), to be easy to absorb and strengthen its effect; second day and third day of attack detoxification for the patient who addicts for a long time; the dosage of using drugs is a lot during the day; the patient can use a higher dosage of Cedemex until the situation is completely stable.

- If the following situations happen: vomit and nauseate or go to stool with liquid stools due to bowel hyperperistalsis when Morphine is quickly eliminated ooutside by Cedemex (this symptom is uncommon), but if it happens, the patient can use Primferan 25mg, taking 2-4 tablets each day with dividing into 2 times until the patient does not vomit or go to stool.

- If the patient loses sleep much, to be indisposed, the patient can use Amitriptyline 25mg, taking 2-4 tablets before going to bed every day for 2-3 days, not use this medicine for a long time.

Not use Methadone, Seduxel and other additive medicines during the period of detoxification. (Opizoic, TecpinCodein, …).

2. Treatment after attack treatment (to treat the reason of psychological addiction):

Treatment outline for 04 days with Cedemex will help the patient to prevent addiction fit gently and reject the reason of craving for drug because Cedemex is able to stimulate low-brain range and pituitary gland in order to recover endogenous Morphine for the addict, but, to treat the reason of psychological addiction to prevent re-addiction, the patient has to take Cedemex for long time, in order to reject the reason of psychological addiction to prevent re-addiction.

From the fifth day, each day taking 10 tablets Cedemex 500mg with dividing into 2 times, far from meal.

Period: at least 6 months.

3. Treatment for rehabilitation due to drug addiction

The drug addict, although little or a lot, has functions disorder (metal disorder, reduction of memory and reduction or loss of sexual ability) due to drug addiction. After the attack treatment for 04 days, the patient is compulsory to use the following medicines in order to rehabilitate functions, contributing to prevent re-addiction and fall in line with normal life.

- Recover memory: Duxil 30mg x 60 tablets, taking 2 tablets every day with dividing into 2 times, far from meal.

- Prevent depression:

Amitriptylin 25mg x 20 tablets, taking 2-4 tablets with dividing into 2 times after the meal.- Recover physiological function: Deca Duraboline 50mg x 1 ampule, intramuscular injection for 1 time.


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