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Supporting drug rehabilitation in community



1.     For patients

-       Patients must have aspiration or determination for rehabilitation

-       Must be completely isolated from the outside environment in 06 months of treatment. Patients who are working or studying must apply for leave with 06 months, only after 06 months of treatment can the patients integrate into the community.

-       No use of mobile phone or fixed phone during 06 months of treatment.

-       Wine or beer is not allowed within the first 15 days of treatment.

2.     For the patients’ family

-       Must commit to manage the patients in 06 months at home so as to ensure treatment result.

-       Must have enough facilities: Treating room is closed and isolated from the outside environment at least five days, managing the patients at home by working, studying in 06 months.

-       Continuously encouraging, providing job, managing, supervising the patients after they integrate into the community.


Presentation: 10 capsules/blister x 18 blisters/ duplex box

Composition: Each capsule contains: Cedemex extract 500mg (made from herbal plants such as Radix Condonopsis pilosulae, Cortex Eucommiae, Rhizoma Coptidis, Radix Achyranthis bidentatae, Radix Rehmanniae glutinosae, Radix ophiopogonis japonici…). Excipient include Magnesium Stearate, Magnesium Carbonate, Aerocil, Talc powder.

Pharmacology: Practical experiments in China proving effect mechanism of Cedemex in drug rehabilitation shown that at level of organ, cells, molecules and genes, Cedemex tends to inhibit nerve cells from apoptosis, reduce the number of nerve cells died of apoptosis, accelerate hypothalamus and pituitary gland to recover concentration of β-Endorphin (endogenous morphine), inhibit the presence of CREB gene, therefore the rate of cAMP/cGMP shall return to the normal rate. And this is an important mechanism of Cedemex at molecule level. Thanks to model of conditioned place preference, Cedemex can resist against spirit dependence (good anti-relapse capacity)

Cedemex is safe and effective in supporting treatment of patients who are addicted to drug of Opiates group, quickly manage the symptoms of Withdrawal Syndrome, especially the 2 symptoms of drug craving and Paraesthesiae (feeling like many maggots inside bone), resist against spirit dependence, anti-relapse, and quickly recover health.

Indication: To use in following cases

-       Persons who are addicted to drug of Opiates group (Opium, Heroin, Morphine, etc.)

Dosage and administration:

1.     Attack treatment: For prevent addiction fit and treat the reason of craving for drugs. Normal dosage is 1,2gram/kg of body weight, average dosage for patient of 50 kgs, in special cases, higher dosage of attack treatment for example 50-60 Cedemex capsules/24 hours can be used because this dosage is 10 times less than the official limitation.

 1st day: 40 capsules, 5 capsules/times

2nd  day: 40 capsules, 5 capsules/times

3rd  day: 40 capsules, 5 capsules/times

4th  day: 30 capsules, 5 capsules/times

5th day: 30 capsules, 5 capsules/times

Note: Taking the medicine far away from meals, the next time is after the previous time from 30 to 60 minutes to easy to absorb and strengthen its effect.

During the first five days, if symptoms such as vomit or nausea due to bowel hyper peristalsis, patients can use Primferal 10mg, taking 04 tablets per day dividing into 2 times. If the patients are sleepless, use GoodNight, taking 4 tablets at 09:00 pm, asking for the doctor’s advice if such symptoms are not stabilized.

2.     Maintenance treatment:

From the 6th day up to the next 06 months, take 10 Cedemex capsules per day, dividing into two times before meals

To help the patients to have resistance against the spirit dependence, stabilize reason of physiological addiction to anti-relapse.

3.     Contraindication

Hypersensitivity reaction to any component of this medication.

Person with acute infectious diseases: Pneumonia, fever.....or serious diseases at its last period, women who are pregnant or during lactation.

4.     Adverse reaction:

No report on the adverse reactions caused by the medication has been received. Immediately inform the doctor if facing any adverse reaction when using the medication.

NoteDuring the treatment, do not use addictive medications such as: Seduxel, Codeine, Methadone, opizoic, Terpin Codeine or other medication contain opiates group.

5.     Storage: Keep in cool and dry place at the room temperature of 25oC, protect from direct sunlight.

6.     Expiry: 24 months from date of manufacturing.

7.     Applied standards: Basic standards of the Manufacturer.


(Using in the first five days of attack treatment)

1.          Amitriptyline 25mg x 6 tablets, 01 tablet/time, 03 times per day after meal (only use when the patients feel uncomfortable in the second day, the 3rd day and the 5th day during the attack treatment).

2.          Ginkovita 120 mg x 60 tablets, 01 tablet /time, twice per day

3.          Sustanon 250mg x 01 tube, intramuscular injection


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