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The Research Institute for treament of serious illnesses: Oriented to scientific & technological enterprises

The Research Institute for treament of serious illnesses: Oriented to scientific & technological enterprises

Cheap price, high effect are advantages of Cedemex medicament (medicament supporting the giving up narcotic), of Kacimex (treament of tumour - benign and shrewd), Vegakiss(medicament supporting the treament of HIV/ AIDS)… Of which Cedemex is recognized by the State Scientific Handing over Council as a type of medicament supporting the break off for narcotic addiction in a reliable way, the first ever medicament to treat narcotic addiction in Viet Nam.

  Closely linking research with production, business

This is also a main objective when Mr. Nguyen Phu Kieu – Deputy Director of the Research Institute for treament of serious illnesses recommended the set up of a research institution for exploiting the diversified, rare and valuable source of pharmaceutical products in our country for preparing the medicaments to treat serious causes of illness.

With the help from the Ministry of Scientce & Technology and the close – circuited model (from research – production to treament) and the effort of scientists, the Institute had put into existence series of medicaments manifesting the important break through in researching the treatment medicament from pharmaceutical products in Viet Nam. Most noticeable is Cedemex medicament.

Cedemex had helped many addicted patients break off narcotics, come back the ordinary life, integrating with the community. Typical is the case of Mr. Le Ngoc Quan’s son (Ly Bon, Vinh Yen city, Vinh Phuc province).

The white haired father retold in choked voice the nearly 20 years’ itinerary seeking way to break off narcotics addiction for his son at the opening ceremony of the New Hope Hospital (March 15th 2009) causing the entire meeting hall to keep silence by emotion.

Before the treament by Cedemex medicament, his family had 5 times carried on the narcotic break off at home for the son as per a self made sketch, with the consultation by some experienced doctors and various centres of narcotic breaking off. But for 5 times, his family had failed. Only by hearing his “old friends†voice from telephone, the patient could be aroused and attracted to narcotic.

When all doors to save his son had been gradually shut up, in July 2007 accidentally he got to know about Cedemex and being consulted by Dr. Nguyen Phu Kieu on the treament way. And the marvel had happened, after 1 year implementing the Institute’s sketch and using Cedemex medicament. Only in 3 days taking Cedemex, his son feels better with good appetite, sound sleep. His body weight increases by 5 kg in the first month of treament.

Mr. Quan said in emotion: “I had psychologically prepared myself to bring up my son during all his life as a PWD (Peple With Disabilities). But unexpectedly, the Institute’s scientists had resuscitated my son from an addicted, half alive half dead to become an average working person integrated to the community†.

The Viet Nam pharmaceutical management Department had permitted Cedemex to circulate nationwide to be used for supporting the narcotic break off centres nationwide and the communities at 8 provinces, cities of Viet Nam such as Hai Phong, Hung Yen, Hai Duong, Ho Chi Minh… according to the Decision nr 2406/QD-TTg dated July 2nd 2008 of the Health Minister. This is a great success by enthusiastic and confidentical scientists of the Institute after 13 years’ research in and out of country.

  Oriented to scientific & technological enterprises

To take the initiative in research on and application of research results, Dr. Nguyen Phu Kieu had set up the close - circuited scientific & technological model: under the Institute there are the Que Lam liabilities limited Company of pharmaceutical and the New Hope Hospital with modern equipment such as Gamma scalpel, Magnetic Resonance Camera (MRI 0.35), colour ultrasonic apparatus, laboratory… for the service of consultation and treatment of cranium tumor…

This is an hospital with equiment for operating cranium, of third class modern at our country. In chirurgical operation of cranium tumor by Gamma ray, the patient does not need anaesthesia, without chirurgical traces or scar marks. This chirurgical method is safe, without complication, no death, with treament cost lower than by open chirurgy.

Being aware that the research and production of medicaments for treating serious illnesses from vegetal pharmaceuticals shall give access to an efficent treatment method at a low cost in Viet Nam, plus new policies on science & technology, the Institute is now completing the procedures to be recognized as scientific & technological enterprizes according to Decree 80/2007/ND-CP.

Dr. Nguyen Phu Kieu informed, once certified as scientific & technological enterprise, the Institute shall enjoy many more favourable conditions in applying science and technology for producing many kinds of medicaments to supply the market. The development of areas specifically planted with pharmaceutical herbs to get materials for producing the a.m. kinds of medicaments shall contribute to make green vacant lots of land, bare hills to amend the land, protect the environment, to create jobs, to reise the living level of labourers, especially regarding peoples at mountains and midlands.

The transfer to scientific - technological enterprise also helps the Institute rapidly build the plant for producing eastern medicaments satisfying standard GMP of WHO, enlarge the investment of modern equipment to meet high demands on consultation and treament of diseases for peoples without going abroad for treating diseases. In the future, the Institute shall install a labo at regional and international size for researching the mechanism of effects by medicaments studied and prepared from pharmaceutical herbs without refering to foreign aid.

With successes obtained and hopeful potentialities, if able to do business as per mechanism of scientific - technological enterprises, for sure the Institute shall get many result in scientific research applied to production, thus contributing many valuable products to the country and for export.


Advantages of Cedemex:

- High safety, efficiency in supporting the break off narcotic addiction of Opiates group, rapidly stabilizing the symptoms of syndrome to give up smoking and the psychedelic thirst (State Scientific Council hands over, asserts).

- Capable to re-establish endorphine (endogenous morphine) and resistant against spiritual dependance for animal addicted by morphine (good capacity to resist against re – addiction), as per result of research on mechanism of Cedemex effect in breaking off narcotic at China during 2004 - 2007 on practice in the level of cell and molecule).


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